The Jack Carr 2023

Ultimate Holiday Gear Guide

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season?

Jack has you covered.

Sig Sauer Cross Magnum

Jack has been waiting for the Cross in .300 Win Mag, his caliber of choice… and it has arrived…

Harley Davidson Pan America Special

Jack’s friends at Harley-Davidson asked if he’d test out the Pan America Special. We have a feeling he’s not giving it back…

2023 JACK CARR Collaborations

2023 JACK CARR Collabs

Dynamis Combat Flathead

Your ultimate concealed carry companion for any mission

Warrior Proof American Whiskey *Limited Bottling*

This isn’t your party whiskey, but rather, an experience to be noted.

Limited Edition Gatorz Delta Polarized Sunglasses

Jack discovered Gatorz sunglasses in the late 1990s while a “new guy” at SEAL Team FIVE.

Triple Aught Design Talisman Jacket

Jack’s favorite new jacket!

Allegiance Flag Supply American Flag

Entirely made in the U.S., the flag aligns with Jack Carr’s mission to honor American servicemen and women and Allegiance’s commitment to American craftsmanship.

Jack Carr Custom SIG P320 Pistol Build

Every aspect of the Limited Edition Collaboration Pistol reflects the commitment to excellence shared by both SIG SAUER and Jack Carr.

Ball and Buck x Jack Carr

Designed for individuals who resonate with the ethos, “Run to the sound of the guns.”

Books: Time to read!

5.56 Bookmark

Made in the USA by veterans. Each bookmark is handmade!

Signed Bookplate

Bookplate was made from a silhouette of a picture from 2006 when I was operating with a special unit in Baghdad.

Leather Bookmark

Handmade with full grain leather right here in the USA!

Vickers Guide

Never far from reach as I write the weapons-centric portions of my novels.  I have every edition.  You should too.

The Gunfighter’s Journal

Designed by those at the tip of the spear.

Signed 6 Book Set

Order the signed hardcover set from Poisoned Pen and get free US shipping.


“James Reece is the American, 21st Century answer to James Bond!”

– Caleb Daniels, Commando Bond



Ellwood T. Risk (Woody)

When it’s time to bring it to the next level, contact Woody and let him know Jack sent you.

Dee Dee Art

For those looking for a custom piece. If you look closely, you will see Dee Dee made this from pages of The Terminal List.

INEOS Grenadier

Raife and Jonathan Hastings approved. Have you placed your order?

Sharp Things

Dynamis Blade

Mandatory first line gear.

Winkler Tomahawk

If you’ve read the books you know what this tomahawk means to me.  Simply the best!

Headhunter Blades

Used by James Reece in Only the Dead!

Half Face Blades

Get ready for those blade drops!

AMTAC Northman


Grizzly Forge

Not to be missed!


Don’t miss out!

Montana Knife Company

Sign up for the newsletter and be sure and act fast!

Achter No. 7



Warm things up this holiday season on the grill!

Gozney Brad Leone Edition Pizza Oven

Get cookin’ with the Brad Leone Edition Gozney Pizza Oven.

New West Knifeworks Arete Knife Block set

Burch Barrell

Boxler Maple Syrup

And for your pancakes the next morning.

Flip Flop Sauce

Use code “Carr15” to save!

Primal Beef

Jocko approved

Jack Carr Cutting Boards

African Sporting Creations Steak Knives


Best Defense Foundation

Support the Best Defense Foundation with their Battlefield Return Program for the 80th Anniversary of D-Day as they return to the beaches and towns of Normandy with those who risked everything for us all.


Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO

Don’t leave home without it.

Parker Mountain Machine


True Precision Custom P365

A work of art.

Taran Tactical Terminal List Glock 19

Oh yes!

Cabot Apocalypse

Straight out of In the Blood.

Icarus Precision Grip Module

Jack is a fan!

The new Staccato CS

Will it make an appearance in Red Sky Mourning?  Stay tuned…

Thunder Ranch edition Nighthawk Custom

Clint Smith approved!

Black Point Tactical

Jack Carr and James Reece run the Mini-Wing.

And a place to put them.

Vaultek Safe

Keep it close!

Fort Knox

When only the best will do!


For your storage solutions.

Join Team SIG!


Adventure awaits!

Rose Gun Community

And for the ladies – SIG ROSE by 8-Time World Champion Lena Miculek


Follow @watchesofespionage on Instagram


Frogman roots run deep


On James Reece’s wrist in my first three novels and on Chris Pratt’s wrist as James Reece in The Terminal List


On Jack’s wrist during his cameo shootout with Chris Pratt in The Terminal List


Nothing wrong with going G-Shock. Jack wore one on every deployment.


“I know what you’re thinking…”

Forscher Watch Co

Love these Bond vibes! Photo by Caleb Daniels @commandobond

Wind Vintage

For the connoisseur

DC Vintage Watches

When you need to find that special classic…


Thunder Ranch Edition Mossberg 590

On Jack’s list.

Taran Tactical Benelli

On Santa’s list.

Beretta 1301

Tricked out by Aridus Industries. A Ben Edwards special.

Travel and Sleep

Sterling Pacific Luggage

For that trip of a lifetime. Also used by James Reece in Only the Dead. Use code “CARR” for $200 off.

Eight Sleep Pod

Get the sleep you need! Click and save $150 on the Pod Cover.


“Life…it’s better with a bow.” – Total Archery Challenge

Hoyt Alpha X 33

Now in Origin Raptor Camo

Kifaru Field Quiver

Total Archery Challenge

Nock On Nock 2 It release

Matrix Target

Leupold RX Fulldraw 5 Rangefinder

Swarovski EL range 10×42

Sitka optics harness

Outdoorsmans Tripod

Eberlestock Gunslinger II Pack

SPARTAN FORGE: Next Level Scouting!

Spartan Forge – 30% off if you sign up with code “dangerclose” at




Hunt paradise with Pineapple Brothers in Lanai, Hawaii. Take your new SIG Cross or use one of the rifles available through Pineapple Brothers, or bring your bow.  And, if you see Jack afield, in the pool or at the bar, be sure and say hello.


Make the Pilgrimage

Train with Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch!


The U.S. Military’s newest Direct View Optic now available to the commercial market.


Own the day…and the night.

BMC Reece-14 Carbine

Bravo Company



Viking Tactics Sling

Dead Air Silencers

Magpul MBUS Pro Sights

Fuller Phoenix

Do you recognize this rifle from The Devil’s Hand?


Time to get after it!

Sorinex – Center Mass Bells

Alexo Athletica

And for the woman in your life

Born Primitive

MTN Tough


1 st Phorm


The Exclusive Coffee Subscription

You can’t go wrong.

Fortitude Coffee Company

Check out Jack’s friends at Fortitude Coffee

Jack Carr Mug

Start your day with some STRENGTH & HONOR


Be Prepared. Get one for every member of the family.

Dark Angel Medical

Snakestaff Systems Tourniquet

Fieldcraft Survival Modular Visor panel

Dynamis Alliance Slash Kit



Get ready for the cold.

Schnee’s Granite 0g Men’s

For the backcountry hunter in the family.

Courteney Boots

Raife Hastings’ boot of choice. Available exclusively in the USA through African Sporting Creations.

Origin Boots

Bringing it back to the USA!


Share with family and friends. From the pages of Only the Dead.

Kistler Vineyards

Macauley Vineyards

Wright Chocolate House

All wines pair well with chocolate.

Cigar Collection


Hooten Young Cigars

Vaultek Safe Humidor

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