8 08, 2022
  • The James Reece / Jack Carr Terminal List Starter Kit

The James Reece / Jack Carr Terminal List Starter Kit


Weapons, gear and vehicles are important elements of my novels. Just like in real life, what blade and gun someone carries for defense (or offense), what they drive, the watch they wear, the boots and holster they use, all tell a story about that person. In my books I use that gear to develop my characters.

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30 06, 2022

Chris Pratt & Jack Carr discuss “The Terminal List” on the Washington Post


Washington Post senior video producer Dave Jorgenson speaks with actor Chris Pratt and author Jack Carr about their new series, “The Terminal List,” which follows a former Navy SEAL investigating why his entire platoon was ambushed during a covert mission. Conversation recorded on Monday, June 27, 2022.

Chris Pratt & Jack Carr discuss “The Terminal List” on the Washington Post2022-06-30T15:29:46+00:00
16 05, 2022

In The Blood Gear Guide


What will James Reece use to dispense justice in this fifth novel in the Terminal List series?  This Gear Guide offers a few hints.

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13 05, 2022

May 2022 Reading List


This month’s reading list selections consist of books I used to research IN THE BLOOD.  This fifth novel in the James Reece series was research intensive as I stepped into the mind of a terrorist. Does this list of books give you any additional insight into IN THE BLOOD?

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25 03, 2022

Looking for a signed edition of IN THE BLOOD?


UPDATE: SOLD OUT. Shop local. Support independent bookstores. Order IN THE BLOOD with a signed limited “shot through” title page available only through the independent bookstores below.

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18 12, 2021

2021 Ultimate Holiday Gear Guide


Be prepared this holiday season with the Jack Carr Holiday Gear Guide and get ready to fire it up for 2022! Be Prepared!

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16 12, 2021

2021 Top 10 Christmas Movies


Talking Christmas movies can ignite strong emotions…but don’t worry, just because it’s not on the list doesn’t mean I don’t love it. Can you figure out what seven of these ten movies have in common?

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26 11, 2021

Cook Your Turkey Like A Savage!


Want the best tasting turkey you’ve ever had? It works with chicken too. Here’s how to do it. . .

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12 10, 2021

NORTHWARD BOUND – Alaska Moose Hunt


Just spent the last two weeks in the Alaskan backcountry with Aaron Bloomquist’s Alaska Outfitters Unlimited. If you have been dreaming of hunting Alaska, I highly encourage you to give Aaron a call.

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23 08, 2021

A Time for Bold Adjustment: Fire the Generals


Why do I favor changing the name of the Department of Defense back to the War Department - which it was called from 1789 until 1947?  Check out my latest opinion piece in Townhall to find out. 

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