Cooking With Fire

what’s the best way to cook your thanksgiving turkey?

over fire, of course.

First, order your Burch Barrel Grill. I have been using this for the past few Thanksgivings and can’t say enough good things about it. I love my Burch Barrel!


Then, pick up your turkey and Tacticalories Gobbler Hollow Bird Brine Kit. I’ve used the Tacticalories brine kit the past few years and it is fantastic!

Gobbler Hollow Bird Brine Kit

If you have questions, Tacticalories has answers. Hit this link to their GOBBLER HOLLOW GUIDEBOOK.

Check out the Tacticalories Brine Video here.

I used my new Yeti bucket to brine the bird using the brine bag included in the Tacticalories kit. The Yeti bucket was a gift from Brad Leone and Gozney along with the Brad Leone signature edition Gozney Roccbox pizza oven which we used to make pizzas the night before Thanksgiving.  It was a blast! If you don’t have one, add this portable pizza oven to your Christmas List. And the Yeti bucket truly is the bucket I didn’t know I needed…thank you Brad! I’ve already ordered a few more.

Yeti Loadout 5-Gallon Bucket

Roccbox Pizza Oven by Gozney

Brine bird for at least 24 hours.  I’ve gone anywhere from one to three days and they have all been great!

When it’s time to get to work, grab a beer, a glass of wine or as I like to do over the holidays, make an Old Fashioned.  This year I went with the lemon recipe.  Usually, I’d say not to go with the most expensive bottle in your cabinet but it’s Thanksgiving…

Woodford reserve bitters

Jack Carr x Hooten Young Whiskey

crossed hawks Rocks glasses

New West Knifeworks Mini Paring Knife

Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter

Royal Oak Natural Tumbleweed

Remove from brine / rinse / dry on A Rough Cut Woodworks Jack Carr Crossed Tomahawks Carving Board

Spatchcock the bird – take out the spine. Best when done with a New West Knifeworks Restored Vintage Cleaver from America’s Golden Age of Steel.

Season with Tacticalories Gobbler Hollow Bird Rub.

Leather Apron

Strength + Honor Carving Board

Restored Vintage Cleaver

Set turkey on the grill.

Keep the barrel between 350-400.

Between drinks, sprinkle with additional wood chips.

In two hours check with your Digital Meat Thermometer. It should be 160 deg in the thickest part of the breast (will get to 165 deg as it rests before you slice).

Remove from grill and place on a Jack Carr Crossed Tomahawks Carving Board

Make another drink while you let it sit for 10 to 30 minutes.  Most recipes say to wait 30 minutes to ensure the internal temp gets to 165 deg but sometimes I just can’t wait and start slicing after a minute or two…maybe it’s the draw of the New West KnifeWorks Chef Knives…

Serve on a MAC x Jack Carr Cutting Board.

Digital Meat Thermometer

Crossed Tomahawks Cutting Board

New West Knifeworks Chef Knife

Enjoy an incredible Thanksgiving turkey with family and friends!

Any questions – watch this 2-minute video.



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