only the dead reading list

November 2023

November 2023 Reading List

This month’s reading list selections consist of books I used to research ONLY THE DEAD. This sixth novel in the James Reece Terminal List series was research intensive into the OSS, CIA, the Bretton Woods Agreement, Vietnam, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the Kennedy assassination, Able Archer 1983, and the Vietnam POW / MIA issue. Find out how all these events and institutions are linked in the pages of ONLY THE DEAD.

November 2023 Reading List Selections:

The Pentagon Papers by Neil Sheehan, Hedrick Smith, E.W. Kenworthy and Fox Butterfield

Reflections on captivity by porter Alexander halyburton

The men we left behind by mark salter and Jim sanders

An enormous crime by Former U.S. Rep. Bill Hendon and Elizabeth A. Stewart

Why Didn’t You Get Me Out? by Frank Anton with Tommy Denton

Soldiers of Misfortune by James D. Sanders, Mark A. Sauter, and R. Cort Kirkwood

vickers guide sig Sauer vol. 1

The U.S. Naval Institute on Vietnam

Muddy Jungle Rivers by Wendell Anfield

Across the Fence by John Stryker Meyer

Stalking the Vietcong by Stuart A. Herrington

A private spy by Tim Cornwell

By Sea, Air, and Land by Edward J. Marolda

MAC V SOG by Jason M. Hardy

In the Midst of Wars by Edward Geary Lansdale

The Unquiet American by Cecil B. Curry

Wild Bill Donovan by Douglas Waller

Special Forces Berlin by James Stejskal

War in the Shallows by John Darrell Sherwood

Inside Delta Force by Eric L. Haney, Commander Sergeant Major USA (ret.)

Combat at Close Quarters edited by Edward J. Marolda

John le Carré, the Biography by Adam Sisman

The Philby Files by Genrikh Borovik

A Spy Among Friends by Ben Macintyre

The Tears of Autumn by Charles McCarry

The Brink by mark ambinder

Normal Accidents by Charles Perrow

The Bomb by Fred Kaplan

The Able Archers by Brian J. Morra

1983 by Taylor Downing

Survivors by zalin grant

papa bravo Romeo by wynn goldsmith

Brown Water, Black Berets by Thomas J. Cutler, LCDR, USN

W.E. Fairbarn’s Complete Compendium of Lethal, Unarmed, Hand-to-Hand Combat Methods and Fighting

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