7 07, 2020

July Reading List


The ninth installment from my monthly reading list is live. Interested in the “how” and “why” behind the books that influenced me?

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9 06, 2020

June Reading List


The eighth installment from my monthly reading list is live on my blog. Interested in the how and why behind the books that influenced me? You might find one that resonates. Happy reading!

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13 05, 2020

2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide


2020 JACK CARR Father's Day Gift Guide If you find yourself reading the blog and asking, “does my dad really need this?” the answer is a resounding “yes!” I am excited to post the JACK CARR 2020 FATHER’S DAY GEAR GUIDE. Everyone who knows me knows that I’ve been a “gear guy” my entire life.  If you’ve read my novels or followed me on social media, my passion [...]

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8 05, 2020

May Reading List


For those new to the Team, each month I highlight six books; some are from the professional reading list I was asked to put together for the Naval Special Warfare Center before I retired from the SEAL Teams and others are books I have enjoyed at various stages of my life not directly associated with my time in the military.

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28 04, 2020

New York Times Bestseller


Last Wednesday afternoon as I was jumping on a video teleconference, I saw my phone light up with my publisher’s cell phone number.  I was about to find out if I had made the elusive New York Times bestseller list.  I had narrowly missed it last summer with the publication of my second novel, TRUE BELIEVER, after having to postpone the launch date when the Department of Defense “30-day review” process [...]

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10 04, 2020

Operation Savage Son


In times of trouble there are choices… Will SAVAGE SON continue with its April 14th publication date….? What do you think…? What would James Reece do….? NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER! WE GO! SAVAGE SON IS LAUNCHING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH MISSION SERIES: Enter for a chance to win... TIME TO HUNT START MISSION [...]

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7 04, 2020

Savage Son Gear Guide


Official Gear Guide of SAVAGE SON out April 14th! View the weapons, tools, vehicles, and equipment used in the novel.

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4 04, 2020

April Reading List


This month’s reading list is a special one. It is special because instead of the usual six books, I am highlighting only four; the four that inspired SAVAGE SON.

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13 03, 2020

March Reading List


It is already time for the March reading list! For those new to the Team, each month I highlight six books from my reading list.

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