The Joe Rogan Experience #1820

JRE #1820 is LIVE!

So fun catching up with Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

We talked THE TERMINAL LIST Amazon series starring Chris Pratt that is coming to Amazon Prime Video on July 1, Land Cruisers, The Best Defense Foundation, classic Porsches, Afghanistan, BUD/S, censorship, hunting, the future of the nation, and of course my new novel IN THE BLOOD.

We also enjoyed some amazing cigars.
Check it out!

What is it like to be on a three hour show that reaches as many people around the world as Joe’s podcast?  It’s pretty cool.

I’ve known Joe for a while now.  We first met out on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai where I am a partner in a hunting operation called Pineapple Brothers.  I went on the podcast after SAVAGE SON hit the New York Times bestsellers list last year.  I drove out to do the show in May of 2020 which was an eerie time to be on the mostly deserted roads between Park City and Los Angeles. This was my first time in the new Austin studio.  We had a blast!  Over a three-hour podcast you forget just how many millions of people are listening and watching.  For me, it’s a chance to catch up with my friend, someone I deeply admire and respect.

Enjoy the discussion.  Jump on my Instagram to leave a comment under the Joe Rogan podcast post to let me know what you think.

Take care and be safe out there!

THE TERMINAL LIST – 7.01.22 on Amazon Prime

Chris Pratt shared on Instagram:

“We do everything in our power to proclaim our good intentions, our nobility of purpose, our loftiness of soul… and all because we think we’re too good for the rest of the world. We can’t be bothered with the sordid details of human motivation. We stubbornly, sublimely refuse to see man as he is. We are so damn certain about how he “ought” to be… We know what man is, all right, but we insist on overlying that knowledge with a mass of sticky sentimentality… we know, but we avert our eyes. It’s so much more fun to prate of a man as a noble creature, a semidivine being bursting with goodness and mercy and all kinds of generous thoughts. It takes our minds off of ourselves. Well, he isn’t a noble creature, as well we know by now. He’s a remarkably clever animal whose talents have outstripped his powers of reason. His deepest instincts seem to be greed and vanity and self interest.”

-Colonel Caldwell excerpt: “Once An Eagle” by Anton Myrer

Our world balances between light and dark. And though it feels precarious, it was created that way. We are called, each of us, to be of some service- to be light. Few answer the call. And fewer yet to the degree of the Warfare Special Operator. It has been my great honor to work alongside the men in this photo. Many of whom are actual Navy Seals. As far as men go, it is my opinion there are none equal to the SEAL. I’m trying my hardest to portray James Reece in a believable way. With enough smoke and mirrors and technical advice from the men who’ve lived it, we’ll fake it just enough to tell the incredible story.

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