Special Collector’s Edition with Chris Pratt

THE TERMINAL LIST Amazon Prime Video adaptation new edition cover art featuring Chris Pratt as Navy SEAL Sniper James Reece is in the wild!  They will hit shelves this June in Hardcover, Trade Paperback (the larger paperback format), and Mass Market Paperback (the smaller paperback format).  Publishing a new hardcover edition to celebrate the launch of a film or series is unusual as most of the time a media tie in edition will only be published in paperback.  This new Hardcover Special Collector’s Edition contains a foreword I wrote specifically for this printing and includes a series of exclusive behind the scenes photos from the set.

The foreword is titled “LUCK IS THE RESIDUE OF PREPARATION: THE STORY BEHIND THE AMAZON PRIME VIDEO SERIES ADAPTATION OF THE TERMINAL LIST.”  It tells the story of how the book was discovered and published by Emily Bestler at Simon and Schuster and how and why my friend and SEAL Teammate Jared Shaw gave an early copy of THE TERMINAL LIST to Chris Pratt while another friend and SEAL Teammate, Mark Owen, gave an early copy to Antoine Fuqua which led to the eight-part Prime Video adaptation of the novel with Chris Pratt starring and Antoine Fuqua directing and with all three of us as executive producers.  The new foreword also covers all the assistance the production received from those who answered the call as SEALs, Army Rangers, Army Special Forces operators, and Marines to bring the series to life and keep it grounded in the dark, gritty, primal, authentic foundation of the novel.  Every day on set was like a special operations reunion and I could not be more thrilled with how this series turned out. You can watch it 4th of July weekend.  Prep by reading the novel in advance of the series drop and getting a behind the scenes look at its creation.  Onward!

IT’S HERE! The Official Teaser for THE TERMINAL LIST, Coming to Amazon Prime July 1st!

Prepare for a reckoning.

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