IN THE BLOOD is officially in the wild!

Hardcover, Ebook and Audiobook are in the wild everywhere books are sold.

Nizar Kattan’s bullet took the life of Navy SEAL and CIA Ground Branch operative Freddy Strain. Now Nizar has been hired to kill Freddy’s friend and teammate, James Reece.

But Reece was once a sniper, and a very good practitioner of an extremely lethal craft and he’s vowed to put his friend’s killer in the ground.

A novel of violent resolutions.

Get ready!

“Take my word for it, James Reece is one rowdy motherf***er. Get ready!”

Chris Pratt, all around great guy and star of THE TERMINAL LIST

“Hands down, In the Blood is the best book I’ve read this year. I’ve said from the beginning that covering Carr is what I’d imagine it would have been like to discover Vince Flynn at the beginning of his career. Now, though, Carr deserves to be mentioned alongside all-time greats like Flynn, Thor, Clancy, and Silva. . .  rather than just be compared to them. I know it’s only May, but it’s hard to imagine anyone topping this book in 2022.”

Available in Hardcover, Audio, and E-book from retailers worldwide


What will James Reece use to dispense justice in this fifth novel in the Terminal List series?

2022 Book Tour

Looking for a signed first edition of IN THE BLOOD? I’ll be discussing the writing process, the new Amazon Prime Video series starring Chris Pratt, weapons, gear, Land Cruisers, answering questions. . . and of course signing copies of IN THE BLOOD! Support your local independent bookstore and join me live.

  • SCOTTSDALE, AZ / 5.16.22 / Poisoned Pen
  • BASTROP, TX / 5.17.22 / Painted Porch Bookshop
  • SIMI VALLEY, CA / 5.18.22 / Ronald Reagan Library
  • VIRTUAL / 5.19.22 / Barnes & Noble
  • CORONADO, CA / 5.19.22 / Warwick’s + Coronado Library
  • DENVER, CO / 5.20.22 / Tattered Cover
  • HOUSTON, TX / 5.21.22 / VIP Brunch
  • HOUSTON, TX / 5.21.22 / Murder by the Book
  • DALLAS, TX / 5.22.22 / Half Price Books
  • WINTER PARK, FL / 5.23.22 / Writers Block
  • PARMA, OH / 5.24.22 / Cuyahoga County Public Library
  • DOYLESTOWN, PA / 5.25.22 / Doylestown Bookshop
  • SALT LAKE CITY, UT / 5.26.22 / King’s English






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