January 2022

January 2022 Reading List

2021 was an incredible year for the DANGER CLOSE Podcast!  I was honored to speak with some amazing authors!  Find their books and links to their podcast episodes below.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the Jack Carr YouTube Channel so you don’t miss any of the action coming in 2022!  If you enjoyed listening or watching, please leave a rating / review to help spread the word.

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January 2021 Reading List

Katie Pavlich – Fast and Furious

Clint Smith – Urban Rifle 2

Fred Burton – Beirut Rules

Dana Loesch – Grace Canceled

Leif Babin – Extreme Ownership

Clint Emerson – The Right Kind of Crazy

Chris Ryan – The One That Got Away

Steven Pressfield – A Man At Arms

David Kilcullen – The Dragons and the Snakes

Sebastian Junger – Freedom

Danny Trejo – Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood

Brad Thor – Black Ice

David Morrell – First Blood

Mike Waltz – Warrior Diplomat

A.J. Tata – Chasing the Lion

Sean Parnell – Outlaw Platoon

Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Infidel

Mark Greaney – Relentless

Andy McNab – Bravo Two Zero

Kyle Mills – Enemy at the Gates

John Nores – Hidden War

Brad Taylor – End of Days

Chris Wallace – Countdown Bin Laden

Don Bentley – The Outside Man

Craig Whitlock – The Afghanistan Papers

Douglas London – The Recruiter

Mark “Billy” Billingham – The Hard Way

Simon Gervais – The Last Protector

Jocko Willink – Final Spin

Peter Bergen – The Rise and Fall of Osama Bin Laden

Kyle Lamb – Leadership in the Shadows

Dean Stott – Relentless

Toby Harnden – First Casualty

Brad Leone – Field Notes for Food Adventure

Chad Prather – Am I Crazy?

Oliver North – We Didn’t Fight for Socialism

Julian Rademeyer – Killing for Profit

Michael Easter – The Comfort Crisis

Mark Owen – No Easy Day

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Jack Carr spent 20 years as a Navy SEAL, where he served as a Team Leader, Platoon Commander, Troop Commander, Task Unit Commander and sniper. Now, he’s an author behind the New York Times bestselling Terminal List series.

Inspired by the feelings and emotions of actual experiences serving in conflict areas around the globe, the novels follow James Reece, a Navy SEAL sniper who becomes embroiled in the world of conspiracies, international espionage and revenge. Now, on his new Danger Close Podcast, Jack takes readers beyond the books through conversations with warriors, tactical experts, historians, politicians, hunters, entrepreneurs, newsmakers and fellow writers for a peek behind the curtain.

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