Jack Carr 2019

True Believer
Gear Guide

Range Rover Defender 90

A iconic vehicle that comes to the rescue in True Believer.

Rolex Timepiece

How does this timepiece come into play in True Believer? You’ll have to read it to find out…

MacMahon Beer

Known in Mozambique locally as 2M, drinking them was one of the benefits of doing boots-on-the-ground research.

African Land Cruiser

If these were importable, one would be in the driveway.

Beneteau 48

Literally and figuratively adrift, the Beneteau 48 is Reece’s refuge as he learns to live again.

Ops Corps Helmet

Protect your melon with this ballistic brain bucket.

Crye Precision Combat

For the well dressed operator, nothing but the best.

Winkler RnD Hawk

Don’t leave home without it.

Aimpoint Micro T2

If you don’t have one, you are wrong.

Atlas Bipod

The new standard.

Asherman Chest Seal

Nice to have if you need to patch a hole in your chest.

The Accidental Superpower
by Peter Zeihan

Part of the inspiration for True Believer

Three Sips of Gin
by Tim Bax

Old school badassery

The Hero With A Thousand Faces
by Joseph Campbell

An early influence.  Read the acknowledgements to True Believer for more…

Schmidt and Bender 3-12x50mm Scope

I highly suggest picking one up…

Sliencer Co Omega Supressor

Because shooting unsuppressed is just rude.


W.J. Jeffery & Co .404

Will someone meet their end in True Believer to 400 gr. Solid from a W.J. Jeffery & Co?

Westley Richards droplock

A classic.


James Reece gives the HK MP7 a run in the pages of True Believer.

Sig Sauer P365

When concealment is key, my go-to every day carry.

Sig Sauer P320 XCARRY

Quickly becoming a favorite of James Reece and Jack Carr.

Accuracy International

I was first introduced to Accuracy International back in Sniper School in 2000.  I’ve been a fan ever since.

Barrett M107 .50

Just in case.

HK 417

A workhorse on the modern battlefield.


A favorite of the bad guys.


One of Russia’s most popular exports…

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