Jocko Podcast #183 with Jack Carr

0:00:00 – Opening
0:07:33 – Jack Carr. Navy SEAL, Author.
1:45:30 – Final thoughts and take-aways.
1:56:25 – Support: How to Stay on THE PATH.
2:23:53 – Closing Gratitude.


I recently had the honor of sitting down with Jocko Willink and Echo Charles for Jocko Podcast #183.  Jocko put me through two of my pre-deployment work-ups when he was the Officer-in-Charge of Group 1 TRADET, or Training Detachment, for my Platoon Commander and Troop Commander tours.  He was responsible for preparing West Coast SEAL Troops and Platoons for deployment.  It was hands down the most comprehensive training of my twenty years in Naval Special Warfare, not just because it was challenging, but because of Jocko’s focus on mentorship, leadership and smart, aggressive problem solving.

A pre-deployment work-up includes training blocks in Land Warfare, SOUC (Special Operations Urban Combat, formerly MOUT – Military Operations in Urban Terrain), Special Reconnaissance, Combat Swimmer (diving operations), MIO (Maritime Interdiction Operations) / VBSS – Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure / GOPLATS (Gas and Oil Platforms), Air Operations (military freefall), Mobility Operations (vehicles), CQC (Close Quarters Combat, formerly CQB – Close Quarters Battle), OTB (Over the Beach) along with sniper sustainment and combatives. Jocko was fresh from the battlefield having led SEAL Team Three Task Unit Bruiser in Ramadi in 2006.

I feel extremely fortunate to be the recipient of so many lessons learned from someone so personally and professionally devoted to developing combat leaders, and to building Platoons and Troops into some of the most formidable small unit fighting forces in the world.  I learned exceptionally valuable lessons during those blocks of training, which we discuss on the podcast, many of which have found their way into the pages of my novels.  In all his time at TRADET, Jocko never missed an FTX (Field Training Exercise); his keen eye always scanning for the chance to document teachable moments in his ever-present notebook for the debrief.

Books by Jocko

He is the author of The Dichotomy of Leadership, Extreme Ownership, the Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual, Mikey and the Dragons, and the Way of the Warrior Kid series, all of which I am proud to have signed in my library.  Mikey and the Dragons and the Way of the Warrior Kid series provide invaluable lessons for younger readers; if you have kids, I can’t recommend these highly enough.  Jocko is the co-founder and CEO of Echelon Front where he is a leadership instructor, speaker, strategic advisor, and executive coach, passing along leadership principles from the modern battlefield to leaders and businesses across industry.

There is a reason Jocko crushes everything he does.  If you have listened to his podcast, read any of his books, watched an interview, followed him on social media, or been through his training, you know why.  He left an indelible mark on the SEAL Teams, his influence lasting far beyond his two decades in uniform.  His circle of influence now reaches outside the confines of the military, his outlook, attitude, work ethic, and drive impacting an ever growing following across all sectors of society.  I am a better leader, fighter, tactician, husband, father, and writer because of his influence.   Enjoy the podcast.  Now, GET AFTER IT!

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