The Devil’s Hand
Gear Guide


Weapons, gear and vehicles are important elements of my novels.  Just like in real life, what blade and gun someone carries for defense (or offense), what they drive, the watch they wear, the boots and holster they use, all tell a story about that person.  In my books I use that gear to develop my characters.

Some people are very vocal about not liking all the detailed descriptions of gear and weaponry in my novels.  If this is you, DO NOT pick up or listen to my new thriller, THE DEVIL’S HAND, which hits shelves tomorrow, April 13! If you would rather that characters just pick up a “gun” a “pistol” a “rifle” or “shotgun” or if you want to “hear an audible click as a character flips off the safety on their Glock” or if you are waiting for someone to “insert a magazine into their revolver” then this is NOT the book for you.  You have been warned.

Do you have a favorite piece of kit from the list?

What story does your gear tell about you?

Nokia 3390 Phone

I kind of miss the old Nokia 3390 days.


One of the most uncomfortable rooms on earth. . .

Johnson M1941

This one got around.

Super Huey

A favorite.

SIG P365XL with red dot optic

If you have not given this pistol a run, I highly recommend it.

SIG P365

Get one!

True Precision Barrel

Drop this in your SIG P365.

Dead Air Silencers Odessa-9

Shhhh. . .

SIG P320 X-Compact

Welcome to the Red Dot Revolution

Bravo Company AR

Solid choice.

Aimpoint Micro red dot

Highly recommended.

Dynamis Combat Flathead

Absolutely LOVE this!

Black Rifle Coffee

A favorite of James Reece and Jack Carr.  Just add cream and honey.

RATS Tourniquet

You should have a few of these.

Daniel Defense AR

Another solid choice.

Zev Technologies

Next level.

Taran Tactical Combat Master

John Wick approved.

Grey Man Tactical MOLLE Panels

Be prepared.

Goose Gear Storage Drawers

These are in James Reece’s Land Cruiser.  Will they be going in mine?

Tabuk Kalashnikov  – Vickers Guide Link

Who will this Iraqi AK variant be used in THE DEVIL’S HAND?

PBS-1 suppressor

Leaves a bit to be desired.  I still want one.

AMTAC Northman

SEAL designed blade you need in your EDC.

Winkler Tomahawk

Will the Winkler RnD Hawk be unsheathed?

ICON FJ62 Land Cruiser

This ICON build exceeds all expectations.

Dassault Falcon 50

Any idea who uses these?


Worth checking out.

F-22 Raptor

An awesome yet not inexpensive option.

1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

A classic.

Rolex Submariner

Old school.

Black Point Tactical Mini-wing Holster

My SIG P365 is in one at my side right now.

The Great Game

Read this.

Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23

So good. . .

S.T. Dupont pen

Works like a normal pen, only different.

KryptAll Phone

Used by the most discerning of clients.

1970 Porsche 911S



Put these on your list.

147-grain Speer Gold Dot 9mm

Load up!

Bombay Sapphire

Who remembers which former SEAL put this gin on the special operations map?

Louis XIII

Oh yes. . .

Smiths Detection CBPS Model 8E1

For when things get serious.

Remington 870

A requirement for every American’s arsenal.


North American Rescue Combat Application Tournequet: Not only should you carry these, but you should know how to use them.  For that, visit my friends at FieldCraft Survival.

1911 pistol

Also mandatory.

MK 48

If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.  Just in case.

Taser X12 XREP

I need to track one of these down.

Axon Taser 7

Good to have options.

Cohiba Spectre

Light it up!

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