Looking for a signed edition of


Looking for a signed edition of IN THE BLOOD?

One of a kind, signed editions of IN THE BLOOD.

Only at independent bookstores.

Why would I sign a limited number of IN THE BLOOD First Edition title pages, bind them 50 pages at a time between two pieces of cardboard, take them to the Park City Gun Club, tape them to targets, and then shoot them with a Barrett 98B in .338 Lapua with a 20” barrel, Leupold Mark 4 optic, and AAC can?

So that I could send them back to Simon & Schuster to be bound into first editions of IN THE BLOOD at printing and be sent to independent bookstores across the country.

Once these are gone, they are gone forever!

A novel of violent resolutions.

In April of 2020 as businesses were shutting down across the country due to COVID-19, I wanted to do something to drive traffic to local independent bookstores at a time when most people were sequestered in their homes.  My small gesture of support came in the form of limited edition Savage Son bookplates available only through independent bookstores.  I published the list of participating bookstores with contact information on my website and they sold out immediately.  If you have one or can find one, hold onto it!  In April of 2021, in an effort to continue supporting the local independent bookstores I love so much, I replicated that campaign for the publication of The Devil’s Hand.  Those also sold out immediately.  For the publication of In The Blood, a sniper centric novel of violent resolutions, it was time to move things to the next level and send a bullet through title pages that are bound into the book, those bullets making each novel a one of a kind.

“Take my word for it, James Reece is one rowdy motherf***er. Get ready!” – Chris Pratt

Shop local.
Support independent bookstores.

Order IN THE BLOOD with a signed limited “shot through” title page available only through the independent bookstores below.  CLICK ON STORE TO ORDER.

Midtown Scholar / Sold Out
Novel. Memphis / Sold Out
East City Books / Sold Out
Once Upon a Crime / Sold Out
The Writer’s Block / Sold Out
A Likely Story / Sold Out
Little City Books / Sold Out
Wild Geese Bookshop / Sold Out

Book Dragon / Sold Out
Book Towne / Sold Out

Rainy Day Books / Sold Out
Page 158 Books / Sold Out
Square Books / Sold Out
E. Shavers / Sold Out
Oxford Exchange / Sold Out
Mysterious Bookshop / Sold Out

Fiction Addiction / Sold Out
Fox Tale Book Shoppe / Sold Out
Boulder Book Store / Sold Out
Best of Books / Sold Out
Dolly’s Bookstore / Sold Out
Fact & Fiction Bookstore / Sold Out
The Twig Bookstore / Sold Out

In The Blood Audio Prologue

The Terminal List – First Look

Get caught up with the James Reece Terminal List saga before IN THE BLOOD hits shelves on May 17!

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