Jack Carr 2019

Father’s Day
Gear Guide


BRCC Subscription

The official fuel of Jack Carr in writing mode.

Ballast Point Sculpin

A San Diego favorite of both James Reece and Jack Carr.

Basil Hayden’s

The favorite drink of James Reece’s sniper school spotter.



Get after it… Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual

Shaken Cocktail Book

Shaken: Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming

True Believer

Somewhere a True Believer is training to kill you.

Brad Thor Novel

Brad Thor is back with his most gripping thriller yet!

Mark Greaney Novel

New York Times bestselling author of the Gray Man series.

Stephen Hunter Novel

A true master at the pinnacle of his craft.

Guns & Gear

RATS Gen 2

An everyday essential for all. Be Prepared.

30 Sec Out T-SHIRT

Get one before they are gone. Benefits One More Wave Veteran Foundation

Salomon Boots

Salomons or flip-flops were, and remain an integral part of my wardrobe.

Sitka Gear Drifter

This bomber duffel will never let you down.


The watch that graces James Reece’s wrist, and coincidentally, my own…

CG Executive Pen

The pen is mightier than the sword…

Black Point Tactical

From the pages of The Terminal List and True Believer – the holster I use daily.

Winkler RnD Hawk

Don’t leave home without it.


Own the night.

Sig Sauer P365

When concealment is key.

Sig Sauer P226

The pistol that accompanied me on every deployment.

Dynamis Razorback

In my waistband right now…

HFB Karambito

From one of the most memorable chapters of The Terminal List.

Hoyt Carbon RX-3

My bow of choice customized by John Dudley, NockOnTV. Pick up the Nock 2 It Custom Release!

CheyTac M200

“If you run, you’ll just die tired.”