Westley Richards Sutherland Bag

In all my years as a “gear guy” using and collecting backpacks and bags, I have never experienced a bag with the level of craftsmanship or attention to detail as I’ve found in this handmade Westley Richards Sutherland Bag in British Millerain Camo.

Legacy of Quality Craftsmanship

Named for the legendary soldier, intelligence officer, and professional hunter James Sutherland (1872-1932), this bag is NEXT LEVEL. You may have noticed the Westley Richards drop lock double rifle carried by Rich Hastings in the pages of TRUE BELIEVER, a rifle I used to develop his character and hint at Hastings’ family history in Africa. The rifle is a character in and of itself. Westley Richards guns, rifles, ammunition, cases, cartridge bags and belts, gun slips, cleaning rolls, and luggage are all of unrivaled quality and hearken back to England’s golden age of gun making.

In a world where compromise is the norm, Westley Richards continues to ignore convention and hand-build custom rifles and shotguns to pass down through the generations. Whether it be a Droplock Double Rifle, a Sidelock Shotgun, a shooting belt, a gun case, or this Sutherland Bag they were kind enough to customize with Crossed Tomahawks, nothing leaves Westley Richards unless it exceeds their expectations.

They remain committed to the company’s original motto: “to be the maker of as good a gun as can be made.”

Africa is calling again . . . I’ll be returning soon, and this bag will be by my side. Follow @westleyrichardsandco on Instagram and check out their website to learn more about their amazing history. Perhaps they will even inspire your next adventure.