“Don’t miss the finest thriller of the summer.”

– John Nantz, Townhall


– By John Nantz, Townhall

Jack Carr isn’t just writing political thrillers, he’s deciphering historical realpolitik and translating it into a pure theory of statesmanship, attaining a level of finesse known only to Kissinger at the height of his cold war prowess. It’s prosaic gold.

Carr does all this while utterly convincing you that you’re former Navy Seal James Reece, coolly exploiting movement, cover, and tactical marksmanship while copper jacketed bullets crack the sound barrier a few inches from your ear. When the guns go dry, Reece wields his trademark Winkler tomahawk, its whistling war cry a peon to a thirst for blood and brain matter. And, you’re front row for all of it.

Your favorite reading chair will forever be haunted with the smell of gun powder as you white knuckle through Only The Dead — chapters blurring into the frenetic tempo of “whites of the eyes” warfare between a man obsessed with the truth and the seemingly irresistible powers of nation states.

Carr delivers a graduate level course in geopolitical politics while delivering the raucous good time that thriller fans have come to expect from the apex warlocks of combat storytelling.


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“This summer’s best thriller.”

– John Nantz, Townhall