Dear Readers,

I know the graphic looks ominous, but it is done partly tongue in cheek. As the 30-day government review stretches past the six-month mark, I am sure the manuscript for True Believer is sitting on a desk somewhere in the deep recesses of the Pentagon waiting for someone at the Department of Defense to get around to reading it. My expectation was that “30-days” really meant two or three months, but I certainly didn’t expect that it could take longer than six. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes. They’ll get around to it eventually.

In the grand scheme of things, and in relative terms, this is a VERY minor issue. Having experienced conflict at the extreme end of the spectrum I realize that, as far as problems go, this is an exceedingly good one to have, and I feel tremendously fortunate in all respects. Thank you for your patience. I’ll keep you posted on the review process as it progresses.

In the meantime, I am hard at work on book three and in building out a year of unique and exciting content as I explore how best to share my journey as an author with reviews of the gear and weapons used in the books, as well as a behind the scenes look into research, writing and editing. So, strap in and get ready for a great year!


Publication of TRUE BELIEVER by Jack Carr Delayed by Department of Defense Review

Emily Bestler Books – PRESS RELEASE

New York, NY, January 25, 2019—Publication of TRUE BELIEVER, the highly anticipated follow-up to former Navy SEAL Jack Carr’s  acclaimed 2018 debut thriller THE TERMINAL LIST, will be delayed due to a United States Department of Defense security review. Originally scheduled to publish on April 2, readers eager to learn the fate of hero James Reece must wait until July 30.

In the preface to THE TERMINAL LIST, Jack Carr wrote, “Due to the sensitive nature of the security clearances I held while in the military as a Navy SEAL, I am required to submit any written material intended for public release, including works of fiction, to the Department of Defense.”

That review was conducted by the Department of Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review in a fairly timely fashion and returned “Cleared as Amended”.  Instead of editing and making changes to the manuscript, Carr instead chose to leave the redactions in the text of the printed books.

Carr followed the same submission protocol for his second thriller, TRUE BELIEVER. However, in this instance, the Department of Defense has been examining this manuscript for far longer, extending their deadline several times.  Their review has now stretched past the six-month mark.

Carr says he doesn’t believe there are any secrets in the novel, or anything that could be harmful to national security, though he does wonder if the conspiracies woven into the storyline might hit a little too close to home.

“Most likely,” Carr said, “it’s just the nature of a government bureaucracy being government bureaucracy, which coincidently is a sub-theme of my novels.”

Emily Bestler Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster’s Atria Books is standing by for the Department of Defense to disclose what, if anything, is too sensitive for the public to read in TRUE BELIEVER.