Joe Rogan Experience #1467

What a surreal experience it was to sit down with Joe Rogan this week! I’ve known Joe for a few years now which is why it sounds like two friends catching up. That might also be why we discussed things in this conversation that I’ve never even mentioned in interviews before. We talked for three hours and could have kept going for three more. Want to know how the publication of No Easy Day impacted the plot of The Terminal List? Or how I really feel about NCIS? What about my thoughts on torture? Or the firing of the Commanding Officer of the USS Roosevelt? Or what it felt like to head into thick bush after a wounded brown bear with a rusty side by side shotgun in Russia? How are Ramadi, IEDs, and fate connected? What about COVID-19 and the weaponization of infectious diseases? We explore it all. Enjoy the conversation and stay safe out there!

Clips from Joe Rogan Experience #1467 – JACK CARR

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Applying the experience and emotions from real-world combat to the pages of The Terminal List, True Believer, and Savage Son, Jack Carr brings unprecedented levels of authenticity to the political thriller, taking readers on a behind the scenes journey into the mind of a modern-day special operations soldier, dispensing an ancient form of justice in today’s modern geopolitical landscape.