Jack Carr Week at Ballistic Magazine

Oct/Nov issue of Ballistic Magazine

Honored to be featured on the cover of the Oct/Nov issue of Ballistic Magazine!  Ballistic Magazine went with two different covers for this issue. Newsstands will get the backcountry cover while subscribers will get the office cover. The article is titled “Tools of the Hunter and Hunted: Jack Carr’s James Reece Goes Primal in Savage Son.”

The rifle I’m holding on the cover is the new SIG SAUER CROSS in 6.5 Creedmoor. The scope is the SIG TANGO6T 1 – 6 x 24. The suppressor is inert as none of us felt like going to jail that day. The pack is from Kifaru / Jacket is SITKA Gear / Fjall Raven makes the pants / Salomon boots. I switched the scope to the SIG TANGO6 5 – 30 x 56 for a counter sniper course last week at Thunder Ranch where I put the CROSS through the paces banging targets out to 1200 yards using SIG 140 gr. 6.5 ammo.  I also added an Atlas bipod and a Viking Tactics sling.  I am a fan! Loved it!

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Interested in unboxing a vintage typewriter once owned by Ernest Hemingway on which he wrote A MOVABLE FEAST?

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We cover some serious ground discussing Chuck Norris in the 1986 classic The Delta Force, Pappy Boyington vs Chuck Yeager in a dogfight, Charlie Sheen vs G.I. Jane in BUD/S, and my favorite short story. Len even asks me the question I know keeps most of us up at night: fashion forward Ranger Panties vs classic UDT shorts. . .

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Want to know more about the guns, knives and gear from the pages of THE TERMINAL LIST, TRUE BELIEVER and SAVAGE SON?  Check out this video from BALLISTIC MAGAZINE for more of the backstory on these weapons and how I use them as character development tools.

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Join me on a video walk around the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 ICON Restoration from the novels.

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Athlon Outdoors anchored Ballistic Magazine’s “Jack Carr Week” with an interview from the 1000 yard range at the Sub MOA Shooting School in Henefer, Utah.  We discuss how I found out about SEALs, how I prepared for military service, my time in BUD/S, Hell Week, deployments, writing, mindset, inspiration for my protagonist and transition home from the battlefield.  I get personal in this one.

For those interested, the rifle is my Rifles, Inc Lightweight Strata .300 Win Mag with a Swarovski Z6i 3-18×50 optic, shooting Barnes 165 gr. TSX.

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What has the enemy learned from watching the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan over almost twenty years at war? Find out April 13th, 2021. . .

What has the enemy learned from watching the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan over almost twenty years at war? Find out April 13th, 2021…