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Fox News 2ND Amendment Sanctuary Cities

“We are citizens, not subjects.”

As my friend Chris Cox recently reminded me, the real tragedy is that we are even having a conversation about areas of the country taking steps to declare themselves sanctuary cities to protect their 2nd Amendment rights.  This freedom, America’s first freedom, has already been paid for in blood by those who sacrificed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor so we could live as free citizens rather than subjects controlled by an elite ruling class which is a polite way of saying “tyrannical government.”

The basis of our Bill of Rights is that they are preexisting natural rights.  They are not given by government and therefore cannot be taken away by government.   The Constitution and in particular the Bill of Rights is there to limit the power of the federal government over the citizen.  These rights are enshrined in our founding documents – the federal government has no authority to take them away.

Members of the military swear to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  They don’t get to pick which parts of that Constitution they want to defend.  Politicians put their hand on a Bible (well, not all of them) and swear to “support and defend” that same Constitution.  Then, in their first acts, many attempt to subvert the very document they swore to support and defend only moments before.  They see the Constitution they are swearing to support and defend as an obstacle to consolidating power at the federal level and immediately take steps to restrict the rights of the very people who just voted them into elected office.

We now have the Missouri 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, and similar amendments in Maine and Arizona.   At the very least, they are strong declarations and an acknowledgement these states intend to protect their citizens from a federal government that plans to further restrict their right to own firearms.

The new administration has a clear anti-2nd Amendment stance.  They have been vocal about this for quite some time, the irony of course being that they make these statements while surrounded by taxpayer funded security, armed with the very tools they intend to restrict or ban for the rest of us.  Armed security for me but not for thee.  We should not forget they are our employees.  They work for us, yet they want to disarm those for whom they work.

The press secretary for the new administration was recently asked what they were going to do about the 2-million gun purchases in the month of January.  This number comes from 2-million federal background checks, the same background checks mandated by law.  Even though these 2-million sales were legal and included background checks, it is still a problem because in the view of this administration guns belong in their hands, not ours.  The new president has been protected by men and women with guns since 1971.  That’s 50 years of never being far from someone whose job is to protect him with weapons he wants to keep from those he serves.

There are those who want to surrender individual liberty to a federal bureaucracy.  Many of these same people applaud the censorship and cancel culture that seeks to limit or silence opinions in what used to be a free marketplace of ideas.  I call it the moral vanity of censorship and gun control.  In exchange for cultural acceptance at the expense of the rights of our children and grandchildren to defend themselves and their families they support abandoning the very rights that form the foundation of a free society.

This is about freedom.  You can vote for politicians who want to take or further restrict those freedoms, or you can vote for people who see it as their duty to preserve these freedoms for future generations.

Read HR 127.  This bill seeks to take away equal access to firearms and impose so many restrictions that only the wealthy can exercise the right to self-defense.  I encourage you to read this bill and let your elected representatives know how you feel about it.

When we relinquish power to the government, we never get back.  The decisions we make today impact the ability of future generations to exercise their inherent right to self-defense and to free speech.  Think about the sacrifices previous generations made to preserve our freedoms. It is our responsibility to be worthy inheritors of these freedoms and their sacrifice.  Do not give up freedom in the name of moral vanity.

We must always remember that we are citizens, not subjects and we must stay ever vigilant that we remain so.