Washington Post / Live Discussion with Chris Pratt on Filming “The Terminal List”

Chris Pratt and Jack Carr on Navy SEALs book-turned-TV-series ‘The Terminal List’

Such fun to sit down with Chris Pratt and Washington Post “TikTok Guy” Dave Jorgenson for an episode of Washington Post Live!

Find out why Chris Pratt wanted to bring James Reece and The Terminal List to the screen and how my combat experiences find their way into the pages of my thrillers in what I describe as “fiction with whispers of truth.”

“I just loved that this character encompassed everything that I wanted to portray on screen.” – Chris Pratt

“Every time I’m surrounded by these guys, I’m reminded of who I aspire to be.” – Chris Pratt

“He’s going into battle thinking he’s already dead.” – Jack Carr on James Reece

Washington Post senior video producer Dave Jorgenson speaks with actor Chris Pratt and author Jack Carr about their new series, “The Terminal List,” which follows a former Navy SEAL investigating why his entire platoon was ambushed during a covert mission. Conversation recorded on Monday, June 27, 2022.

Special Collector’s Edition with Chris Pratt

THE TERMINAL LIST Amazon Prime Video adaptation new edition cover art featuring Chris Pratt as Navy SEAL Sniper James Reece is in the wild!  Publishing a new hardcover edition to celebrate the launch of a film or series is unusual as most of the time a media tie in edition will only be published in paperback.  This new Hardcover Special Collector’s Edition contains a foreword I wrote specifically for this printing and includes a series of exclusive behind the scenes photos from the set.