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Amazon Announces Terminal List: DARK WOLF

Starring Taylor Kitsch and Chris Pratt


The Terminal List: Dark Wolf

We all have two wolves inside us, constantly fighting for control. The light wolf is fueled by love, peace, and compassion… and the dark wolf is fueled by fear, anger, envy, and greed. The wolf who ultimately wins the battle is the wolf you feed most.

– Paraphrased Cherokee parable

The title of the upcoming Ben Edwards Prequel Origin Story is THE TERMINAL LIST: DARK WOLF

When Chris Pratt called me in the summer of 2022 following the release of THE TERMINAL LIST on Amazon Prime Video to see what I thought about doing a Ben Edwards prequel origin story I was immediately ALL IN!

The Ben Edwards character envisioned by the writers’ room working on season one of THE TERMINAL LIST was a much more nuanced character than I had created in the novel and once Taylor Kitsch brought him to life on screen, he elevated Ben Edwards beyond all expectations. Taylor’s powerful performance blew all of us away.

The next step was coming up with the DARK WOLF story. So, showrunner and executive producer David DiGilio, along with actor, writer, executive producer and former Navy SEAL Jared Shaw flew to Park City, Utah where we convened with the white board in my office, beaming in writer, executive producer and former Army Ranger Max Adams via Zoom from an undisclosed location to start mixing it up!

What would cause Ben Edwards, friend and SEAL Teammate of James Reece and Raife Hastings, to go down the path he took in season one of THE TERMINAL LIST? That was something worth exploring.


“James Reece is the American, 21st Century answer to James Bond!”

– Caleb Daniels, Commando Bond


After a pitch to Amazon and MRC we were off to the races.

We then formed an incredibly talented writers’ room led by David DiGilio and Max Adams, with writers Jared Shaw, Naomi Iizuka, Kenny Sheard, and Hennah Sekander. Last year’s writers’ strike put us on pause, but as soon as it was over, we were back at it.

Having been involved in this process every step of the way, I can say without reservation that this season of THE TERMINAL LIST: DARK WOLF is going to CRUSH! These scripts are next level! If you liked THE TERMINAL LIST, you are going to love DARK WOLF.

I am extremely humbled to be working alongside such an outstanding and talented group of Executive Producers on this project: Chris Pratt, Antoine Fuqua, David DiGilio, Taylor Kitsch, Max Adams, Kat Samick, and Jared Shaw, my friend and former SEAL Teammate without whom none of this would be happening. Thank you, Jared!

Taylor Kitsch reprises his role as Ben Edwards and Chris Pratt reprises his role as James Reece. You will also see a few familiar faces from THE TERMINAL LIST like Boozer played by Jared Shaw alongside characters from the novels including Raife Hastings, Mohammed Farooq, and Jules Landry.

Amazon Prime Video describes THE TERMINAL LIST: DARK WOLF as “an elevated espionage thriller that takes viewers on Edwards’ journey from Navy SEAL to CIA paramilitary operator, exploring the darker side of warfare and the human cost that comes with it.”

Stand by for casting announcements!

We start filming…soon!

From here, we roll into TRUE BELIEVER starring Chris Pratt.

“Thank you to all the fans for believing in this show, we wouldn’t be here without your support. I’m excited to continue this wild ride that is Ben Edwards and bring to life Jack Carr’s amazing stories.” – Taylor Kitsch

“I’m excited to announce that the second season of The Terminal List is on its way, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to reprise my role as James Reece. This season promises to be even more intense and action-packed than the first, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. And for those who are fans of Taylor Kitsch’s Ben Edwards, I’m happy to say that we’re also working on a spinoff series that will delve deeper into his story and follow his journey from a Navy SEAL to a CIA operative. And to make it even more exciting, I will also be appearing in this prequel series! I promise you it will be just as thrilling and engaging as The Terminal List. Stay tuned for more updates and we can’t wait for you all to join us on this journey.” – Chris Pratt

“The phenomenal summer debut of The Terminal List is a testament to the creativity of Jack Carr, David DiGilio and Chris Pratt along with the cast and teams who delivered such an original and compelling series. With the second season of The Terminal List and Prime Video’s new prequel series starring the amazing Taylor Kitsch, we are expanding on the storytelling and characters beloved by so many all over the world.” – Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon and MGM Studios

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