10 04, 2020

Be Prepared


Operation Savage Son: Mission Be Prepared - Presented by Thunder Ranch. Win a 3 day training course worth over $3,000!

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10 04, 2020

Take Aim


Operation Savage Son: Mission Take Aim - Presented by Aimpoint. Win a CompM5s worth over $1,100!

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10 04, 2020

Operation Savage Son


In times of trouble there are choices… Will SAVAGE SON continue with its April 14th publication date….? What do you think…? What would James Reece do….? NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER! WE GO! SAVAGE SON IS LAUNCHING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH MISSION SERIES: Enter for a chance to win... TIME TO HUNT START MISSION [...]

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7 04, 2020

Savage Son Gear Guide


Official Gear Guide of SAVAGE SON out April 14th! View the weapons, tools, vehicles, and equipment used in the novel.

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26 11, 2019

2019 Holiday Gear Guide


Be prepared this holiday season with the Jack Carr Holiday Gear Guide.  I trust, carry, use, have read, know, and stand behind everything on this list.

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13 06, 2018

Half Face Blades Karambito


James Reece, the protagonist of The Terminal List, is an active duty SEAL but the weapon that he selects to begin his quest for vengeance in the book’s prologue is not something found in an armory in Coronado or Virginia Beach or even in the hands of a warrior downrange.

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