2020 Holiday Gear Guide

Jack Carr Holiday Load Out

Be prepared this holiday season with the Jack Carr Holiday Gear Guide and get ready to fire it up for 2021! Be Prepared!

The most impactful gift one can give this holiday season is that of giving.

Join me this year in doing what we can to lend a helping hand to those going through tough times. Whether is it one dollar or a million or anything in between I encourage you to explore these recommended organizations, or any that speak to your heart, and help the cause. Our assistance can be more than financial in the form of time or through raising awareness by sharing with your friends, family and spheres of influence no matter how large or small. EVERY prayer, dollar, hour or share helps organizations founded to assist those in need.

Hunter’s Collection

Sitka Mountain Optics Harness

My favorite new piece of kit!

PSE Nock On EVO NTN 33

Loving my PSE bow!  This thing is a tack driver!

Leupold Rangefinder

This is the one you want!

Matrix Targets

In my backyard right now.

Pelican Bow Case

I don’t have one yet, but it’s on my list this season. . . that’s a hint to my wife and kids. . .

Nock 2 It Release

For the archer in your life, this is a must!

Swarovski EL Range Binos

My go-to binos.

Valkyrie Arrows and Broadheads

The ultimate modern broadhead delivery system. These things are SAVAGE!

Schnee’s Granite 200G

The Schnee’s Granite has been my boot of choice over the past decade for when I plan to come out of the backcountry with a heavier pack than I took in.

Clothing Collection

Ball and Buck Shirt

Nothing but the best.

Last Line of Defense Belt

If you don’t own this belt, it’s time you did!

Courteney Boots

Be a part of The Legacy. . .  You might remember these from the pages of my novels. . .

Off The Grid Trailblazer Pants

I’ve been testing out the Trailblazer pants over the past few months here in the mountains of Utah.  These are LEGIT!

Dynamis Downrange Jeans

Don’t put off getting a pair of these jeans! I waited too long and love mine!  I am buying more!

The ATHENA Legging

And for the ladies, check out the Alexo Athletica Athena Leggings. Did you catch Alexo Athletica in the pages of Savage Son?

Kelvin Active Jacket

The jacket that’s always in my pack.  If you aren’t already using one, you need one ASAP!


When you need to switch from subdued to a winter white, this is your jacket!  Also good for running errands in town. . . I love mine!


For your outdoor adventures you simply will not find a better pant.

Grilling Collection

Burch Barrel

I discovered the Burch Barrel Grill at the Total Archery Challenge in Montana this summer and I am now a convert!  This is going to get a lot of use in the months and years ahead!  LOVE IT!

Flip Flop Sauce

Get a Burch Barrel, toss on dinner, and be sure to use Flip Flop Sauce.  Trust Me!

New West Knifeworks

Our housewarming gift to ourselves when we left the military and started this next chapter in life in the mountains of Utah was a set of these knives.  I look forward to preparing our meals with them every day.

Filson Apron

Just because.

Mountain Primal Meat Co

Just do it! You will thank me.

American Flag Cutting Board

American Flag Cutting boards made by a former police officer.  Every home in the country needs one of these bad boys!

Carter Country Meats

Vegans steer clear!

Custom Cutting Board

Need a custom cutting board!  YES YOU DO!  Order yours today!

Hunter Chef Cookbook

My new go-to cookbook for wild game by the owner and chef at the Antler Kitchen Bar. This guy knows what he’s doing!

Pure Virginia Maple Syrup

The best Maple Syrup I’ve ever had! I also happen to know they are having a sale right now, so stock up!  Better get your order in before I buy up everything they have!

Thrillers by Jack Carr

The Terminal List

Give the gift of revenge this holiday season with the book The Washington Post calls, “The best thriller of 2018,”and Chuck Norris calls, “Absolutely intense!”  Perfect for everyone on your list!

True Believer

Exploding onto the scene with a terrorist attack on a European Christmas market and coming full circle to its climactic conclusion during the Yuletide season, True Believer is destined to become a holiday classic!

Savage Son

My first novel to hit the New York Times Bestsellers List, it’s the book I’ve wanted to write since first reading Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game back in the 6th grade.  Enjoy!

The Devil’s Hand

What have our enemies learned by watching us in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past twenty years at war and how will they use that knowledge in an attack on the homeland?  Find out in THE DEVIL’S HAND, coming April 13th 2021.

What’s hidden behind the blur? Hint: A Limited Edition DEVIL’S HAND Holiday Bundle.

Limited Quantities. When these are gone, they are gone forever.

Tomahawk Collection

Winkler RnD Hawk

If you’ve read the books you know what this tomahawk means to me.  Simply the best!

HFB Bleeding Heart Axe

From my friend and Teammate Andrew Arrabito. You want one.

Achter Knives PDA

This is an axe you can carry as part of your EDC!  Check out the video of Swayer Clark drawing it from concealment on his @clarkshoter Instagram page. He will make you a True Believer.

Hunter’s Axe

If you don’t have one, I am not sure we can be friends.

Throwing Tomahawks

Fun for the whole family!

Coffee Collection

Yeti Beer and Coffee Mug

Dual use technology. And yes, I drink my coffee from a beer mug.

Jack Carr Revenge Blend

Start your day with a little revenge. . .

Black Rifle Coffee Grinder

Part of my travel coffee brew kit.  Designed by the veterans at BRCC.  Bomber!

Black Rifle Coffee Chemex

My favorite way to prepare my Black Rifle Coffee.

BRCC Exclusive Coffee Subscription (ECS)

For yourself or as a gift, you will not go wrong with an exclusive coffee club subscription. Evan Hafer, the founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company, hand-selects these coffees from sustainable farms to develop the most unique experience for die-hard Coffeeheads. Sign up today!

Blade Collection

Dynamis Razorback

A vital part of my everyday carry.  SEAL designed. Master Bladesmith made.  A tribute to our friend and teammate Adam Brown.

Winkler Survival Striker

This is a SERIOUS blade!  Mine is always ready to grab and go!

AMTAC Northman

Designed by former SEAL operator Bill Rapier, this blade is sweet!  It just might be put to the test in THE DEVIL’S HAND.  If you don’t have this knife, get it.  If you have not trained with Bill, make it a priority!

Grizzly Forge

Veteran owned and forged, I have two of these beautiful blades and plan on adding a lot more to the arsenal.

Dynamis SMR Blade

The new Dynamis SMR blade was built to hide in plain sight. It’s a bottle opener when you want it to be and a blade when you need it to be.  It’s on my list!

HFB “Savage Son” Hunter Skinner

The Limited Edition run of the Half Face Blades Hunter-Skinner from the pages of Savage Son sold out in seconds.  Will we do another run?  Standby. . .

Pistol Collection

Staccato 2011 Pistol

I’ve been getting to know the Staccato line and now have the C2 and P models ready to rock. WARNING: If you take one for a test run, you’ll soon own one too!

Thunder Ranch Nighthawk 1911

In 9mm and .45, this Thunder Ranch edition pistol is IMPRESSIVE!  Such a pleasure to shoot!  I love it!

Zev Technologies SIG P320 XCompact


Taran Tactical JW Combat Master

John Wick approved!  Now Jack Carr approved!  One word: EPIC!

Get to the island of Lanai, Hawaii and hunt axis deer.  The meat is incredible!  Bring it home to share with your family and friends.  I might even see you out there…

Jack Carr EDC Collection

Ares Watch

CIA approved.  You can also find an Ares Watch on the cover of the Oct/Nov issue of Ballistic Magazine. . . on my wrist.

Gatorz Wraptors

I discovered Gatorz in 1998 at a motorcycle shop in San Diego while in my first SEAL platoon.  They accompanied me on every work-up and deployment and I’m still wearing them today, as is the protagonist of my novels.

Qalo Ring

For those on the go, this is your ring.

Dark Angel Medical

Get one for every member of the family.

SIG P365

On me right now.

Black Point Tactical Mini-Wing Holster

My Black Point Tactical Mini-Wing is holding my SIG P365 as I type.

Origin Maine Concealed Carry Wallet

American made, in Maine.  Get one!


Even if you have a light on your EDC, you need a handheld. Can’t go wrong with Streamlight.

GLG Knifeworks “book chisel”

Because everyone needs a “book chisel” to hold their place, and maybe for something else as well.

Shop JACK CARR’s Reading List

Shop the full Jack Carr Reading List and support local bookstores at the same time!

AR Accessory Collection

Aimpoint Micro Red Dot

Yes, your AR needs a red dot optic.

Leupold Mark 5HD

From the battlefield to the backcountry, Leupold has you covered.

Aimpoint Magnifier

Yes, your red dot optic needs a magnifier.

Viking Tactics sling

Yes, your AR needs a sling.  I started using the Viking Tactics sling by my friend Kyle Lamb back in my SEAL Team days.  They are on all my ARs to this day.  We discuss the history and development of the sling on Kyle’s podcast, Team VTAC.

Surefire Scout Weapon Mounted Light

And yes, your AR needs a light.  Make it a Scout.  It was on my rifle downrange and remains my weapon light of choice today.

Backpack Collection

Kifaru International

A bomber pack!  Check it out on the cover of the Oct/Nov issue of Ballistic Magazine. . . who is that guy?

Stone Glacier Avail 2200

If you are traveling light and fast at altitude, you will want to check out the Stone Glacier line up of packs.  I might have one. . . or two. . . or three. . .


Keep your eyes open for this pack in THE TERMINAL LIST Amazon series starring Chris Pratt as Navy SEAL Sniper James Reece.

Sitka Drifter Travel Pack

My EDC Pack.

Make the commitment to build your skills in defense of your life and the lives of your loved ones.  Make this the year you get on the range at Thunder Ranch.

Mission Specific


Yes, Gallowtech is going in my new office and walk-in gun room.

Vickers Guide Collection

Never far from reach as I write the weapons-centric portions of my novels.  I have every edition.  You should too.

Rifle Dynamics Thunder Ranch AK

Looking for an AK? You’re welcome.

This one was built in consultation with Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch, a man who was shot with one in Vietnam.  Want to hear more about that experience?  Stay tuned for my upcoming podcast with the legend himself.

Ball and Buck Jeep

Speechless. . .

Way of the Warrior Kid Field Manual

Signed copies will be under the tree for each of my kids this year.

Rhino Gun Safe

Beauty and security combine in these safes.  I have a couple on order.

Gunner Dog Kennel

“Man’s best friend” deserves man’s best kennel.  Simple as that.  Our dog, Scout, loves hers.  Your dog will too.

OnnIt Primal Bell

Pick your poison.  Then, get after it!

Beckstoffer Mockingbird Blue

For the most special of occasions, do not settle.  You will also find this full-bodied cabernet in the pages of Savage Son.

Hooten Young Cigars and Whiskey

Delta Force, cigars, whiskey. . . need I say more?

The Zeus

The Zeus portable charger is always in my pack.  Yes, it will keep your phone charged; it will also jump start your car.

Ball and Buck Skis

Make a statement on the hill.

Grey Man Tactical Truck Panels

In my truck right now…and in James Reece’s FJ62 Land Cruiser in the upcoming THE DEVIL’S HAND.


The ammo I’ll be using in my new SIG CROSS this season.  It’s sighted in and ready to rock!

Korongo Dry Bag

If you need to go OTB. . . (Over-The-Beach)

Gunfighter  Gun Oil

Gunfighter Gun Oil from my friend Mickey Schuch at Carry Trainer. It’s LEGIT!

Fieldcraft Survival Tourniquet Holder

Always be prepared. . .

Salomon XA PRO 3D V8

Odds are I’m wearing these as you read this.

Rescue 22 Foundation

Rescue 22 was founded to address the staggering issue of veteran suicide. To support those who have sacrificed so much for the nation, The Rescue 22 Foundation provides fully trained service and support dogs to veterans of our Armed Forces suffering from post-traumatic stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and the physical and emotional trauma of the battlefield.

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