Cooking With Fire

Want to serve the best turkey you and your family have ever had?

If so, then follow along below.

Order and set up your Burch Barrel Grill.


Order a Turkey.

Gobbler Hollow Bird Brine Kit

If you have questions, Tacticalories has answers. Hit their GOBBLER HOLLOW GUIDEBOOK for all you need to know about cooking a turkey.

Check out the Tacticalories Brine Video here.

Brine the bird for 1 to 3 days.

Make an Old Fashioned.

Horse Soldier

Hooten Young

Cocktail Crate Mixer

New West Knifeworks Mini Paring Knife

Remove from brine / rinse / dry on A Rough Cut Woodworks Jack Carr Crossed Tomahawks Carving Board

Spatchcock the bird – take out the spine. Best when done with a New West Knifeworks Restored Vintage Cleaver from America’s Golden Age of Steel.

Season with Tacticalories Gobbler Hollow Bird Rub.

Don’t forget to wear your Flip Flop Guy Leather Apron.

Strength + Honor Carving Board

Restored Vintage Cleaver

Leather Apron

Macho Quebracho Lump Charcoal

Halftime XL Charcoal Starter

Natural Wood Tumbleweeds

Set turkey on the grill.

Keep the barrel between 350 and 400.

Between beers or glasses of wine, or Old Fashioneds, sprinkle with additional wood chips.

In two hours check with your Digital Meat Thermometer. It should be 160 deg in the thickest part of the breast (will get to 165 deg as it rests before you slice).

Remove from grill and place on a MAC Jack Carr Crossed Tomahawks Cutting Board.

Pour wine while you let it sit for 10 to 30 minutes. Most recipes say to wait 30 minutes to ensure the internal temp gets to 165 deg but 10 minutes seems to work great too.

Cut with a Montana Knife Company Bighorn Chef Knife and serve!

Digital Meat Thermometer

Crossed Tomahawks Cutting Board

Bighorn Chef Knife


Check out the Burch Barrel link for a 2-minute video!


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