2021 Holiday Gear Guide

Jack Carr Holiday Load Out

Be prepared this holiday season with the Jack Carr Holiday Gear Guide and get ready to fire it up for 2022! Be Prepared!

Highlight Rifle

Your next rifle. SIG CROSS (Hunter Games Edition)

Jack Carr Thrillers

Are you ready for IN THE BLOOD? A novel of violent resolutions.

SIG Pistol

Good to go right out of the box!

If you want to personalize your SIG P365 or SIG P365XL there are some great options out there.

P365 Fire Control Unit  https://www.sigsauer.com/p365-fcu.html

Icarus Grip Modul https://www.icarusprecision.com

True Precision Threaded barrel https://true-precision.com

Parker Mountain Machine Comp https://www.parkermountainmachine.com

Trijicon RMR https://www.trijicon.com/products/subcategory/trijicon-rmrcc

Dead Air Silencers Odessa-9 https://deadairsilencers.com/products/odessa-9/

Looking for holiday discounts?  Look no further!

Schnees: Use Code JACK21 for 10% off you pair of boots and logo wear.

Ten Thousand.cc: Use Code  DANGERCLOSE15 for 15% off!

MTNTOUGH: Use Code DANGERCLOSE for 20% off!

Aimpoint: Use Code JACKCARR for a signed copy of THE DEVIL’S HAND with the purchase of any Micro or Comp Series Optic!

New West KnifeWorks: Use code JackCarr15 for 15% off G-Fusion or Ironwood – Hunting Knives, Chef Knives or Utensils. Also good for 15% off Throwing Tomahawks from MTN MAN Toy Shop. The code will expire January 5, 2022.

Ball and Buck: Use Code JACK for 20% off!

Grilling / Cooking

Get the Burch Barrel.  Get the Flip Flop Sause. Get the leg.  Enjoy!

Burch Barrell

These are just AWESOME!

Flip Flop Sauce

Check out the backstory and get to grillin’!

Axis Leg

Check out the backstory and get to grillin’!

Peninsula Lake Kelp Ireland

First time I tried Peninsula Lake Kelp on a steak I was SOLD!  Quite possibly the best mixture of spices I’ve ever used!

Flip Flip Apron

Mine is inbound!

A Rough Cut Woodworks

You need a custom board for the awesome meat you are going to cook on that Burch Barrel!

Mac Cutting Boards

Made by a retired firefighter, everyone needs an American Flag cutting board!

New West Knife Works Steak Knives

Because everyone needs a solid set of steak knives.

Use code JackCarr15 for 15% off G-Fusion or Ironwood – Hunting Knives, Chef Knives or Utensils. Also good for 15% off Throwing Tomahawks from MTN MAN Toy Shop. The code will expire January 5, 2022.

Mountain Primal  https://www.mountainprimal.com

Carter CountryMy next door neighbors just across the border in Wyoming https://cartercountrymeats.com

KC Cattle CompanyVeteran Owned and Operated! https://kccattlecompany.com

Feltman’sAmazing backstory!  Check it out and then grill up some Feltman’s! https://www.feltmansofconeyisland.com

Mac Cutting BoardsMade by a retired firefighter, everyone needs an American Flag cutting board! https://shop.maccuttingboards.com

Boxler Maple SyrupI got to shoot with Niki and Katie Boxler at Taran Tactical.  Check out their family’s maple syrup! https://boxlermaple.com

Brad Leone CookbookI met Brad at the 2021 SIG Hunter Games.  We had a blast!  He is also a guest on my DANGER CLOSE Podcast! https://amzn.to/30A4oiu

Pure Virginia Maple Syrup https://puffenbargersugarorchard.com

Wright Chocolate https://www.wrightchocolatehouse.com


Do you have an AK?

Rifle Dynamics AK https://rifledynamics.com/

Jim Fuller AKs Build an AK with the master: https://www.fullerphx.com

Park City Gun Club – want to shoot an full auto AK? https://www.parkcitygunclub.com/


Every American needs a 1911

Vickers Guide



Heirloom Precision

Taran Tactical

Thunder Ranch 1911


A novel of violent resolutions

Cigar Collection


Hooten Young Cigars


It has been a busy few years writing novels and working on scripts for the Amazon Prime Video series adaptation of THE TERMINAL LIST. It’s time to get back in shape.  As I do, I’ll be using these:

“Take my word for it, James Reece is one rowdy motherf***er.  Get ready!”

Chris Pratt, all around great guy and star of THE TERMINAL LIST


Who doesn’t want a tomahawk under the tree?

Winkler RnD Hawk

If you’ve read the books you know what this tomahawk means to me.  Simply the best!

HFB Bleeding Heart Axe

From my friend and Teammate Andrew Arrabito. You want one.

Achter Knives PDA

This is an axe you can carry as part of your EDC!

Hunter’s Axe

If you don’t have one, I am not sure we can be friends.

Throwing Tomahawks

Fun for the whole family!

December Reading List

Are these holiday classics on your shelves?

Enjoy the holiday season with those you love and take some time to escape into the pages of a book from my December 2021 reading list.

Make the commitment to build your skills in defense of your life and the lives of your loved ones.  Make this the year you get on the range at Thunder Ranch.


The most important aspect of having a firearm, is knowing how to use it.  Get out there and train!

BRCC Exclusive Coffee Subscription (ECS)

For yourself or as a gift, you will not go wrong with an exclusive coffee club subscription. Evan Hafer, the founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company, hand-selects these coffees from sustainable farms to develop the most unique experience for die-hard Coffeeheads. Sign up today!

Ball & Buck Collection

For the discerning hunter on your list. Use Code “JACK” for 20% off! 



Hunting Pants





I’ve always been a backpack person.  And I’m a fan of options.

Kifaru International

A bomber pack!

Stone Glacier Avail 2200

If you are traveling light and fast at altitude, you will want to check out the Stone Glacier line up of packs.  I might have one. . . or two. . . or three. . .


Keep your eyes open for this pack in THE TERMINAL LIST Amazon series starring Chris Pratt as Navy SEAL Sniper James Reece.

Sitka Drifter Travel Pack

My EDC Pack.

Charitable Foundations

Some of the organizations I support.  Remember, if it’s a tough year to support financially, you can still make an impact by “following,” “liking,” “commenting,” and “re-posting / “sharing” content from these foundations on social your channels.  Each and every ounce of support is appreciated.

Still looking? Check out the top Amazon Recommendations