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Half Face Blades Karambito

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1306, 2018

Half Face Blades Karambito

June 13th, 2018|

James Reece, the protagonist of The Terminal List, is an active duty SEAL but the weapon that he selects to begin his quest for vengeance in the book’s prologue is not something found in an armory in Coronado or Virginia Beach or even in the hands of a warrior downrange.

401, 2017

Colt M4A1: My Constant Companion in the War on Terror

January 4th, 2017|

I was fortunate enough to use a variety of different weapons during my time in the military, both in training and in combat. One of the most versatile of those weapons, and one that was my constant companion overseas, was the M4A1 carbine. With the M4, we were well-equipped to fight the enemy from across the room to hundreds of meters away. James Reece relies on his M4 as he takes the fight to his enemies in The Terminal List, just as I did in the War on Terror.