Episode 003 – Mike Glover, FieldCraft Survival

FieldCraft Survival Founder Mike Glover: Veteran Entrepreneur

Today’s guest is entrepreneur and veteran Mike Glover.

Mike spent 18 years in the Army followed by time as a contractor for the CIA. He served as a SGM in Special Forces and was deployed to combat theaters of operation throughout his career.

Along with being an expert in Counter-Terrorism, Security and Crisis Management, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security. Mike is also an experienced hunter and an avid outdoorsman.

Today, Mike is the CEO and owner of FieldCraft Survival, a company that makes premium outdoor gear and apparel and offers training courses in firearms, survival, mobility, medicine and preparedness.

He is also the host of the FieldCraft Survival Podcast.

During their conversation, Mike and Jack discuss self-reliance, entrepreneurship, the passion behind FieldCraft Survival, and a lot more.

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