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Big problems require bold leadership and innovative solutions, so I encourage readers to learn more about the Gen Next Foundation. Their global security portfolio includes the Against Violent Extremism network, the first and only network of former violent extremists to thwart recruitment and radicalization – and the Redirect Method, an anti-extremist advertising campaign that redirects individuals to compelling counter-narrative content. Together, they are the most effective private sector-led solutions to combat the ideology of violent extremism. Michael Davidson, Adnan Kifayat, and the entire Gen Next team are doing amazing things for the future of our country. I support this organization and encourage others to get involved as well. Make an impact! Get involved and join the fight!


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The Gen Next Foundation is a community of private sector leaders who source and scale bold social causes that will have a lasting impact on future generations. Our Mission is to solve the greatest generational challenges of our time: economic opportunity, education, and global security by using a unique hybrid of private sector and non-profit business models – a venture philanthropy model. As civically engaged leaders, we must flex our collective might and propel our society, communities, and families toward a brighter future. At the Gen Next Foundation, we have proven that the private sector can, and should, lead where government alone cannot.


Today, we’re fighting a war of identity and ideology on both the physical and virtual battlefields. Our current portfolio of global security ventures reimagines the role of the private sector to develop targeted and data-driven approaches to countering the spread of violent extremism. We leverage the venture capital framework to build paradigm-shifting social ventures to maximize impact through two anchor ventures: Against Violent Extremism and The Redirect Method. This model recognizes that business, like the military and law enforcement, has a unique role to play in countering threats posed by terrorist organizations.


Launched in 2011 in partnership with ISDGlobalAgainst Violent Extremism is the first and only network of former extremists and survivors of extremism. Leveraging their powerful and authentic voices, this peer-to-peer solution was created to disrupt radicalization and hate group recruitment.


Through partnerships with Google Jigsaw and Moonshot CVEThe Redirect Method was launched in 2016 to contest the weaponization of online platforms. This data-driven, anti-extremist advertising campaign harnesses targeted advertising technology to help stop the spread of online radicalization, targeting vulnerable audiences and redirecting them to narratives dismantling extremist credibility.

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