Episode #006 – Andy Stumpf – ‘Cleared Hot’ Host

Andy Stumpf: Former Navy SEAL and ‘Cleared Hot’ Host

On today’s show, Jack sits down with fellow retired SEAL and Cleared Hot podcast host Andy Stumpf.

Andy Stumpf spent 17 years serving in the United States military, first enlisting while still in high school in 1996. After two deployments with SEAL Team Five he was selected for an east coast based SEAL Team.  After being shot during a combat deployment, Andy returned to the Naval Special Warfare Center in 2006 as the leading Petty Officer for 2nd Phase, the diving phase of BUD/S.  Two years later, Andy became the first E-6 commissioned through the Limited Duty Officer program in the history of NSW. He would go on to deploy with SEAL Team Three to Afghanistan. 

Since medically retiring from the military, Andy has gone to raise millions for the SEAL community, setting two world wingsuit records in 2015. 

Today, he hosts the popular Cleared Hot podcast. 

During Jack and Andy’s conversation, Andy talks about his time in the Teams, meeting Joe Rogan and starting his own podcast, the most impactful thing that has ever happened to him, and a lot more. 

More on Andy: https://www.andystumpf.com/

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